Distributed as a limited-edition photographic publication through CCQ Magazine, Huw Alden Davies’ new series, Prince, is a personal, and detailed portrait that forms a study of the artist’s father, a bi-product of a generation, and his slanted views of the world.

Prince St is an extension of this project providing an online domain beyond the publication,  where viewers can continue to follow the eccentricities of the man set apart, and a place where followers can share stories, their views and opinions, and engage in discussion.


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  1. Every now and then you happen across an event, a place or person that compels you to ponder on your own values and perceptions. Such an event happened recently called “Diffusion” – a transatlantic musing of the relationship between photography, image-makers and their subjects.
    Of particular note to the festival was the inclusion of a social media project by a remarkable and talented photographer from west Wales – Mr Huw Alden Davies.
    His images of family life reflect and echo some important values seldom articulated in our own home life, but nevertheless they suggest a deep understanding of our complex family relationships. Huw has previously explored a number of social documentaries by adopting visual language that cleverly uses lighting to give presence and import to his subjects. His most recent project – “PRINCE”, extends his visual vocabulary with some witty and often raw commentary on his relationship with his father. Huw’s visual interpretations reflect on this paternal relationship with John Alden Davies, aka – “PRINCE”, and they are remarkable for their their honesty and insight into this intense and reciprocated bond. They tell a tale that even the most celebrated social documentary photographer would struggle to put into proper focus. Huw’s recounting of his renegade youth antics are born from an upbringing in the wild west of Wales, and his hero in the ‘real-life-is-better-than-fiction’ story is the figure of his dad who becomes his muse in these images. Huw seeks to entice us and direct our vision to the core of his story, whilst giving apparently fleeting moments that are in fact carefully conceived messages. Huw’s photographs are always organised, but not contrived. They are carefully balanced compositions using a masterful approach to lighting which underlines his technical prowess, yet this is quietly stated.
    Most importantly, “PRINCE” is a loud proclamation of respect, love and reflection on life.
    I shall look forward to his future projects on his beloved Tumble.

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