Fit for a King



It has been some time since my last post to say the least, however, over the coming weeks in the lead up to my next venture in the Prince world, your going to see a little more. From social media to emails, videos to blogs, there will be more than you can shake a stick at, and you can help make that happen by joining the campaign that will Kickstart the next publication. But until then, lets get warmed up by revisiting some of my previous posts and selected works, starting with one of the first shots that I took for this series, which will be included in the forthcoming publication, Scaffold to the Moon.

Presented here is Prince in all his glory. Surrounded by all that he needs, and all that is desired. And while lavished, tendered, and spoilt like a King, he adores and demands only one thing, and that is his Throne fit for a King.

The throne as we have come to know it, to anyone else is simply a chair, however, this chair like no other has become what we all agree to be my fathers chair, and his alone. Separated from all the other chairs around the table, undeviating in their style and colour, Prince’s chair is something of a spectacle. Sparkling with chrome and a green felted seat this chair is nothing if not a visual impact, or a personal feat.

It is in complete accord that,  no matter whom it may concern, one should never plant, or even plonk, oneself in Prince’s Throne, or anything that describes the sitting of another person other than his lordship. Frustrated by the constant need to tell people to leave his seat, I once heard my father utter the words (please don’t read any further if you are easily offended):

“Its funny, mun. If I sat in that chair, no one would be interested in this one. Because I’m sat in this, every fucker wants it. This is my chair. Get your own fucking chair, buy your own fucking glue!”

The buying of your own glue, is of course a reference from a popular welsh cult classic, Twin Town, and you need only watch this film to understand my fathers humour, often blunt and hopelessly rude, he always manages to raise a laugh. However, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, although you may be inclined to sympathise, or at least see things from his perspective, you might want to do so from your own seat, or at least not from his.

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