What’s it all about?


Well, this will be a place not that different to a Facebook page, although its my page and nothing to do with Facebook, and its a place for everything Prince.

In October I will be launching my first photographic publication on the subject of, you guessed it, PRINCE (my very unique “dad”!). Therefore, I thought it would be a nice idea to have a special little place on the web that everyone can join in and add their bit, or just have a nose, if they wish.

I think of it as a place where I can share everything I couldn’t fit into the publication such as images, quotes and stories. It also allows the opportunity to present discussions and debates and share my opinions surrounding the subject of my project. It even allows you to add your thoughts or comments on the photographs, the publication, or the supporting events and to be a part of everything as it all happens.

From time to time, and by that I mean all the time, you will see things on here and you will think WTF, such as weird quotes that don’t always make sense. Sometimes they might even make you laugh. If that happens then it’s starting to work and you are starting to get what it’s all about.

I am currently putting the final touches to the magazine, and writing the last pieces of text, before things get going. But, in the mean time you can help me to start making a noise, and start spreading the word. Please share and like our posts on Facebook, and add your thoughts too, be apart of it.

Ciao for now


If you have any questions please add it in the comments box.

Also if you would like to share, please Copy and Share the Link:  http://www.huwdaviesphotography.com/#!prince-st-blog/c1xo5

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